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For all those having iPhone 5/5s and loves to click photographs, we present to you the all new 4 in 1 lens with which you can take your photography talent at a different level !!!!

Now click more high quality pictures with your iPhone 5/5s & become a amateur photographers!!!

Key Features:

  • Strong Protection cover with Camera Lens.
  • Put the protection cover & easily switch the lens by lifting and turning.
  • Ultra light weight, durable, polycarbonate case.
  • Lenses made up of high quality multi-element optimal glass.
  • Fish eye Lens for magnification upto 180 degrees scene with a magnification of 0.28X.
  • Macro Lens for taking pin sharp picture of small objects like flowers, insects’ etc with a super macro magnification of 10X.
  • Wide-angel lens is suitable to take picture of large ranges, Big group of people, buildings and landscape with a magnification of 0.67X wide.
  • 2X Zoom Lens for with an angle of 35 degrees.
General Specifications:
  • Wide Angle & Macro are attached together. Macro lens can be seen when you screw off the Wide Angle.
  • Package Contents: 1 Wide Angle Lens x 1 Fish Eye Lens x 1 Macro lens x 1 x (2 Zoom) lens x 3 Lens Cap x 1 iPhone 5 case.
  • Fish Eye Lens: Up to 180 degrees.
  • Wide Angle: Wide 0.67 X.
  • Marco: Super Macro.
  • Zoom : 2X
  • Color: Black