Welcome to mobilegear.in


--------------------------------------------------- Who we are? ---------------------------------------------------

Bunch of tech savvy guys who wants to make you mobile with style. 


----------------------------------------------- What’ in the Name? -----------------------------------------------

Provide you with stylish gears to enhance your mobility and delight.


------------------------------------------------ What’s the motto? ------------------------------------------------

To make cool gadgets available to you at reasonable prices.


------------------------------------- Who are the Current Investors? ----------------------------------------

Passion, Entrepreneurship, And Customer Focus.

PS: Anyways we do not mind if you are interested in investing with us.

----------------------------------------- Whom do we compete with? ------------------------------------------

Our last delivery !

------------------------------------------------- What we deliver? -------------------------------------------------


If you don’t feel wow after opening our product packets. We apologize !...

Please return it back. We will address all your concerns without any costs to you!....

That's a promise!