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Confused where to keep your laptop & other handy things when travelling..??
Looking For a Car Backseat Organizer..??

Get the Mobilegear new Car Backseat Multi Purpose Tray Organizer with Bottle Cup Holder which will help you to organize your work when travelling & not only this but you can also use the tray to the Assistant Seat & the Car Dashboard as well.


  •  Multi-functional easy, no matter what little space but free and pleasant.
  • Can be Mounted to Car Steering wheel , Assistant Seat & Back of the Seat.
  • Can be used as Desk Providing convenient place for Notebook , Grocery & Food drinks, Etc. 
  • The car multi-functional tray is easy to install and use.
  • It makes use of car little space artfully.  
  • The tray can be gathered when not be used
  • Reasonable size: 35 * 23cm, suitable for most laptops. After folding, the thickness of only 4 cm, do not take up too much space.


Mount On Steering Wheel:

  • Hook the hangers on the top of steering wheel.
  • Adjust the tray to suitable height & tighten both the knobs.
  • Adjust the angle of the tray to horizontal & tighten the knob of the frame.

Mount on Assistant Seat:

  • Install the hangers on both sides of bracket, Then hook under the headset to be against the seat back.
  • Adjust the tray to suitable height & Angle.

Mount on Seat Back:

  • Install the Hangers on both sides of bracket, then hook under the headset & hang off the seat back.
  • Adjust the tray to suitable height & Angle.

General Specifications:

Package Content: 1 X Car tray & 2 Bracket Hangers.