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Do you know the harmful effects of using ear buds to clean your ears???

Ear buds push the wax and dirt deeper into the ear and can cause ear damage!!!

Mobilegear presents a fantastic gadget that sucks out ear wax, dirt and water using a vacuum technology instead of pushing it inside. Extremely simple and safe to use. Can be used on children too!!! The gentle suction draws dirt particles and moisture out of the ear canal. The unique safety guide prevents the tip from entering too far inside the ear canal.

You can open the unit to clean after use. It's cordless design makes it convenient for traveling. Say goodbye to cotton swabs and ear buds forever.

Key Feature:

  • Operated by 2 AA size battery.
  • First install the batteries at the bottom & close the cover.
  • Put the silicon ear plug on the tube of the unit & ensure it fix firmly on the tube.
  • Switch on the unit & the motor is running with sound.
  • Put the tube in the ear & slightly turn in order to drawn out earwax.
  • Silicon head must be plugged on to have a comfortable & secure use.
  • The Silicon head have to be washed with soaped water.

General Specification:

  • Package Content: 1 Ear Cleaner & 4 Silicon heads.

Note: Batteries are not included in the product package. Do not use this gadget if you have any pain in the ear or any ear infection. Please discontinue the uses If the unit causes any pain or discomfort.