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Rs. 699.00

 Does your mobile battery often go out of charge...??

Are you looking for very fast charging charger so that you don't need wait too long to charge you mobile or other USB devices....?

Eager to enjoy awful fast charging era, don’t ever wait again to move outside your house or workplace as your phone is charging.

Here comes Mobilegear Elite Adaptive Fastest Charging Wall Travel Charger 2.4A With High Quality Cable for Mobile & USB Devices to enhance the functionality of your Mobile, Smartphone or Gadget.

The users have lively welcomed this new Adaptive Fast Charging to their satisfaction, so you will. This is the hottest time to choose the fastest 2.4A charger to boost up your smartphone charge speed.

The Dual Voltage 9V 1.67A and 5.3V 2.4A Fastest Charging refuels your device’s battery from 0 to 50% in less than 30 minutes!

It’s time to move away from an outlet and spend more time with flourishing your beloved ones or friends.

The standard charger adapter plugs into any standard wall outlet via the included AC adapter.

Compact design makes easier to keep the charger in a briefcase or backpack on the go.

This 2.4A boosts up charging superior than before when compared to your earlier 1A or 2A charger.

Comes with a detachable USB to Micro USB cable, allowing you to charge your phone, the portable USB devices, such as Portable Power Banks from the any USB power source.

Also, charge the phone and other devices from power-banks using the included USB Cable.

Sync and Transfer files between your computer and smartphone or other phone.

This charger adapts to your phone charging capacity, and is compatible with all smartphones or other phones with micro USB charging facility.


Model: TFC-590

Number of Items: 1

Packaging Includes: 1x Travel Adapter, 1x Micro 5-pin Charging Cable

USB Port Material: Steel

Material: Rubber and Plastic