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Now Bring a Personal caretaker for your baby at home...in just a small box!

It's a Stylish band plus it measures the body temperature....

Measure the temperature of your baby without disturbing him/her...Gift him this wonderful band and make him more happy...

Intelligent thermometer make life more convenient.Continuous temperature measuring and high temperature alarm function escorts the baby in a better manner.

Key Feature:

  • Small,portable,simple to operate.
  • Range 32 ℃-43 ℃.
  • App Software ifever.
  • Consistently monitor the temperatures up to 24 hrs.
  • Parents could easily check the status even avoid bothering the uncomfortable baby.
  • Record the fever and treatment process & when you are wondering whether to send your baby to hospital the smart APP will be a good helper.
  • Set a warning temperature, when the temperature exceeds the limit, the mobile app will send a warning & you can have a good sleep even at night.

Operational Manual:

  • Visit the website vipose.com & download APP software iFever.
  • Turn the Power button on and the screen will open i fever app to connect.
  • Turn on the bluetooth  of mobile phone (Bluetooth pairing for thermometer on App only)
  •  Open App to register and build your baby's file.
  • Place the probe on the armband to the center of armpit and hold your baby's arm while measuring the temperature.
  • Real-time temperature uploaded to the App starts drawing the temperature curve, you can also set alarm.

General Specification:

  • Compatible phone: iPhone 4/5/5s/6/6+ ,Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/Note3/Note4, Android 4.3.
  • Packaging Content: 1 Thermometer.