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Using an iPhone..?? Want To Create a Instant Backup and Running Short of Memory or Want to Copy your Personal Photos or Contacts to External Drive..??

Now Make Your 16GB iPhone Into 48GB with The  Mobilegear New 32GB i-FlashDrive HD.

The ultimate solution for memory expansion for your iOS device.

This ultra-slim and fast flash drive enables users to seamlessly transfer, view and share documents, images, video and audio files between a multitude of gadgets.

Play music and videos directly from the i-FlashDrive freeing up space on your iDevices.

It comes with an OTG cable so you can use it with your OTG enabled android phones as well.


Key Features:

  • The PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD is a portable storage device compatible with all Apple iPods, iPads and iPhones using the included 30-pin connector and Lightning to 30-pin adapter that enable users to expand the capacity of their iOS devices by 32GB.
  • Those capacity steps optimize the i-FlashDrive HD for users who require portable storage, those with existing devices who need more capacity but aren't quite ready to shell out for an upgrade, and for those who simply need more capacity than Apple products natively feature. Enhancing its strengths, the i-FlashDrive HD is the only two-way storage device between iOS devices and Mac/PC utilizing dual connectors.
  • The PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD includes several features to make the experience simple. Of great significance is that unlike portable storage solutions that are HDD-based, the i-FlashDrive doesn't require a rechargeable battery or a network to setup and operate.
  • While many new HDD-wireless options now produce their own networks, the i-FlashDrive eliminates the hassle of using a wireless network and of considering battery life.
  • Additionally, this device includes a free app from the App Store so that users can gain access to a few features including: secure file encryption to keep files safe, direct Airplay streaming, direct Dropbox link, easy document viewing and playback of audio/video files.

General Specification:

  • Transfer Rates:USB: 10MB/s, iPad: 2.5 MB/s, iPhone: 1.5MB/s (limited by Apple's transfer protocol).
  • Dimensions (W x H x L): 25.9 x 9.0 x 52.46mm (1.02 x 0.35 x 2.07").
  • Weight: 18g


How to use it for IOS devices:

  • Step1: install the i-FlashDrive from App Store 
  • Step2: Plug the iFlashDrive into the Apple Device.(5,5s,6,6+ and Other Lightning connector Compaitable iDevices)
  • Step3: Run the i-FlashDrive.

Supports Android Devices With OTG Cable Support Enabled.