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Do you feel difficulty using your touch screen smartphone or gadget while wearing gloves........???

Mobilegear Presents iGlove Unisex Touch Screen Sensitivity Glove so that you can use your touch screen gadgets without removing your gloves.

In cold weather the loss of tactile feedback to the user may prevent the user from properly operating the electronic device, and may lead to frustration. Alternatively, if the user has to remove his gloves ... the user's hand may become cold and uncomfortable, which may also lead to user frustration."

With all new "Touch tips" Weather Resistant Technology use any touch screen Device without removing the Gloves.

Key Features:

  • Special conductive material Interwoven into Fingertips allows wearer to use Touchscreen Devices while wearing the Gloves.
  • Will not scratch or Damage the Device Screen.
  • Washable.

General Specifications:

  • Package Content:1 iGlove for touch screen.
  • Compatibility: All Touch Screen Devices.
  • Gloves Size:Free Size.