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Rs. 899.00

Do you Love distant Photography with your iPhone???

Do you love watching live games, concerts or Animals but stucked due to short sightedness of your Mobile camera??

Now Overcome the myopia(short sightedness) of your iphone and enjoy the distant views and photography with this mobile phone telescope..!!

A very good aid for all private detectives and people in line of forensics, geological exploration, forestry management,railway port scheduling etc.

Also with this animal lovers can enjoy observing animals without disturbing them.

Key Features:

  • Can Effectively avoid the contortion of image.
  • Makes wide angle.
  • Large luminous flux, higher visual acuteness, good for color reduction, and makes high quality picture.
  • You can adjust the focus with the screen of the cell phone.
  • Has 8 times Zoom to adjust the focal length.
General Specification:
  • Package Content: 1 Lens, 1 case, 1 lens cleaner, 1 lens cap, 1 holder & 1 user manual
  • Compatible phone: iPhone 5/5s.