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Ever heard of a 3 in 1 case which not only charges your phone battery almost 2 times but also protects your phones ? Further this can be used as Power Bank also.!!!!

It have a USB slot also from where you can charge your other devices and Built-in -Kick stand  enables your Video Watching &  Face timing.

Yes folks ! It's true !

We here present a new battery charging case for iPhone users which will not only charge your phones but also protect your phones.

Hurry buy it soon !!

Key Features:

  • No need to plug & unplug the charging cable frequently and thus extend the use life of your phone. 
  • It charges Your phone first and once the phone gets fully charged it starts charging its Power Bank.
  • USB Slot enables you to charge other devices so You can use it as a Power Bank also.
  • It haves a velvet finish inside to protect your phone from the scratches caused by cover.
  • When you press the battery button blue lights indicate the power status and if you long press it then its makes power bank ON or OFF.
  • Convenient to answer a voice call when charging your phone without any cable interference. 
  • After putting on the receiver/case,you can charge your phone by simply placing it on top of any Qi transmitter, it is convenient and simple without the bother of messy cords. 
  • Comes with magnetic guidance between wireless charging pad and receiver(case) to place your phone on the correct charging area. 
  • Frosted shell surface provides terrific hand feel. 
  • Compact,lightweight and user friendly,easy to assemble and carry. 
  • Built in short circuit and over charged protection. Safety First !

General Specifications:

  • Product Type: Back Case Power Bank
  • Compatible with: iPhone 6 Plus
  • Lithium Polymer Battery 10000 mAh
  • Color : Black