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Now Be SEEN! Stay VISIBLE at night with the LED Waist Band During Jogging & othe Sport Activity.
Wandering how to hold your smart phone safely while cycling, jogging or other physical activity?
We have a perfect solution for you & that's LED waterproof Pouch Waist Belt.This waterproof Pouch Waist Belt can hold many things like your smart phone,keys Money or any other valuables conveniently and safely.You can use it for Hiking, Cycling , Outdoor Activities , Tracking ,Etc.
Safety LED Indicator 

 LED indicators and also reflective strips that creates caution and increases your safety when you are performing outdoor activities either day or night.

Pouch Size
25cms in size makes it completely easy to keep your smart phones & other accessories.

3-Way Lighting
Waist belt has three different warning modes for you to choose from to suit the different environments that you might encounter.

Waterproof LED
The LED indicators and wires are Rainproof, allowing continuous uses.

Adjustable Elastic Belt
The elastic waist band is adjustable to fit waistline from 18  inches to 38 inches.

Flexible and Stretchable Lycra Pockets
Made from high-quality stretchable Lycra fabric, the flexible pocket can fit smartphones, keys, wallet or even flashlight. The toxic-free Lycra neoprene is lightweight and flexible and it will not stretch-out over time.

General Specifications:

  • Package Content: 1 LED Waist Band.