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Rs. 349.00

To all the photography lovers who wants to enjoy photography & to find the instant beauty of world, we present to you the all new 4 in 1 tiny clip-on detachable lens with Selfie stick which you can use with your smart phones to get the best quality pictures!!

Features :


  • Fisheye Lens can Shoot 180 degrees scene.
  • Macro Lens for taking pin sharp picture of small objects like flowers, insects’ etc.
  • Wide-angel lens is suitable to take picture of large ranges, Big group of people, buildings and landscape.
  • All these lenses can be easily fitted in Apple iPhone, Samsung Smartphone and all other major mobile brands.


  • It is very small in size so its very convenient to carry it in pocket or purse.
  • Easy operation, 360 degree rotation & convenient to install & remove.
  • Just press the button to take pics the wire acts like a Bluetooth Shutter.
  • Buy this selfie stick only if volume key of your mobile clicks the picture in camera mode.




    General Specifications:

    Package Content: 1 X Mini selfie stick, 1 x 3 in 1 Mobile lens

    Model No:JR-236