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Now Take Out Cinema Where Ever You Go........

With The New Mobilegear INNOCUBE Smartbeam IC 100T Wireless & Wired Palm Size Mini Mobile Projector.

Be amazed by a great image quality out of a Mini Portable Projector.
PERFECT companion for sharing photos/video or watch movies at camping holiday or any other occasions with your family & friends.
Just plug the Projector to a smartphone and beam contents to a tent wall or any white wall/ceiling & show your kids their favorite video contents saved on your smartphone.

The Mini Multi Color IC 100T Mobile Projector Can be Connected To Smartphones with MHL connectivity & you can use  it for your impressive presentation anytime anywhere.

A pocket-sized projector that packs a punch—the innovative Innocube IC-100T goes wherever you do to make up for what your screen lacks. Compatible with a broad range of devices, from iPhones to tablets, the mini entertainment system is made by Korean label INNOIO to upgrade the way to receive your information with quality, creativity, and ease of use. Winner of IF's Product of the Year Award, the lightweight LED projector features a built-in speaker, heat and noise reduction, and a high-definition DLP projection. A clever little unit that gives you a greater view, wherever you are.



    • Project a screen from Just  30 to 100 inches, an ideal size for your movies, games or video conference call.
    • Small Cube design with very light weight of 119grams shining in the palm of your hands
    •  The world’s smallest and lightest beam projector
    • The calm Aluminium surface fives it an elegant and luxurious feel & the crystal white shine with chrome gives it a sense of sophistication.
    • 100% screen offset regardless of the product location and angle, it can automatically create an optimal screen.
    • Battery level LED on the side of the product (Red 0-30%, Yellow 31-89% & Green 90-100%).
    • Compatible With Android, iPhones, MacBooks, PCs, iPad, Tablets & various other devices.
    • 50 ANSI lumens that can display videos more vividly and clearly
    • Built in speaker with volume control for rich sounds & expressing emotions of video
    • Auto detection of devices that can support MHL, HDMI outputs.


    Various ways to enjoy INNOCUBE:

    1. Watching video while lying down ! you can use the ceiling as a screen while lying down in bed.
    2. Making memories while camping with your romantic partner, family or friends !
    3. Great gift for your kids! Play games and study with your kids on a larger screen. Lie down in bed with your kids and watch the animation play on the ceiling.
    4. Use it for your business! Great for presentations anytime, anywhere !
    5. Watch sports with friends on the river side, at home, while camping or anywhere else !


    Technical Details:

      • Display: DLP DMD 0.2"
      • Brightness: 50 ANSI Lumens
      • Resolution: 640x360 (nHD).
      • Terminal : HDMI/MHL(D type), Micro USB
      •  Aspect Ratio: 16:9.
      • Screen: 55" @ 2m.
      • Screen Rate : 1:6
      • Contrast Ratio: ≥1000:1.
      • Projection Offset: 100%.
      • Battery running time: 100 mins.
      • Battery :3200mAh
      • Charging Time:100 Min
      • Running Time:240 Min
      • Product Size : 45.5 x 45.5 x 46.5 mm 
      • Weight :120 Gms
      • Audio : 1W
      • LED Lifetime: 20,000 Hours
      • Memory : DDR SDRAM 256MB (SK Hynix)
      • Operating temperature : 0~45℃


       General Specifications:

      Warranty: 6 Months warranty against any manufacturing defect. All defective merchandise, unless otherwise defined are eligible for replacement within six (6) months from the original purchase date. This six (6) month warranty does not cover physical damage or liquid damage caused to your parts or your device by improper installation or improper handling.

      Opening your device for service or repair will void any original manufacturer warranty. By opening your device, you acknowledge that you assume all responsibility for your device, and its functionality or lack there of.

      Package Content:

      1 Projector, 1 Manual, 1 Charger, 1 MHL Cable for Mobiles, 1 HDMI Cable (A to D), 1 Converter