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Do you know that correct Tyre air pressure reduces your fuel cost.....

It ensures better grip on road & longer Tyre life.....

Looking for a good Tyre pressure gauge to check air pressure of your car Tyre...???

Then make the most of every drop of your car fuel by ensuring your car tyres are correctly inflated using Mobilegear 9 in 1 digital Tyre pressure gauge.

Drive Safe and Save Money....

Increase Fuel Economy, Tire Life, Handling and Safety by Monitoring and Maintaining Tire Pressure. It haves a very comfortable handheld design & it measures tyre pressure in 4 types of pressure units: PSI, BAR, KPa & KG/CM square

With mobilegear's digital Tyre pressure gauge you can measure each Tyre pressure and maintain safe driving. It's bright LED light can be used for seeing readings conveniently at night & you can use it as a torch as well.

It also has a safety belt cutter for getting out of your automobile quickly in emergency situations. It haves Pointed hammer which can be used to break glass in emergency situation or can help security rapid escape from the car.

This 9 in 1 Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge include :

  1. Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge with Blur Back light
  2. Mini Hammer to break Glass in case of emergency
  3. Seat belt Cutter for emergency situation
  4. Screwdriver (4 side head)
  5. Screwdriver ( 2 Side)
  6. Mini scissor for cutting thread and other purpose
  7. Pliers
  8. Red LED Laser Light for emergency signaling
  9. White LED Flash light (Can be used as a Torch)


Pakcage Content: 1 X 9 in 1 Digital Gauge