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Rs. 599.00

IT's Too Hot!!!

What... Thinking of Duniya ka sabse chotta A.C!!

No, No its not an Advertisement of any Hair Oil but a mini table cooling fan which you can carry anywhere and everywhere because of its portability and design and enjoy a fresh summer.Place it on your table and experience its Breeze.

Wait don't go on its size....because its the perfect example of Chotta Packet and Bada Dhamaka.Its efficiency will definitely impress you!!!

And its powered by USB so you can easily use it with power bank which makes it completely portable.


  • When in case of Power cut this cooling fan will definitely sooth you.
  • It will comfort you from scorching heat while you are travelling in a bus/train etc.
  • You can start working on your laptop anywhere and enjoy it's cooling comfort.
  • And of course its a mini table fan too so each user can create a new use out of it.

Key Features:

  • Unique and Fashionable.
  • Brush and Slotless motor to ensure high winds and long-life.
  • Intelligent control system,reliable performance, fully functional and easy operation.
  • International Standard 18650 capacity lithium batteries.
  • LED Light
  • Speed Shift

General Specifications:

  • Package Content: 1 USB Fan.
  • Speed mode: 3 Ranges.
  • Output Power: 4.5 W
  • Battery Installation:Removable.